Episode 122- My Uncle is Fat

November 30, 2018

Join The Geeks as they talk about being disappointed in Jimmy Deans, Mattman's niece hurling insults at him, Wreck it Ralph, Cowfish, gross burgerooshi, Spongbob and much more


Episode 121- An Uncanny Life : A Tribute to Stan Lee

November 25, 2018

The Geeks spend an episode sharing their thoughts and personal feeling on the loss of Stan "The Man" Lee.


Episode 120- Daredevil sees dead people and big juicy sausage

November 16, 2018

Join The Geeks as they talk about Daredevil, Jimmy Deans sausage, Fantastic Beasts 2, Detective Pikachu, Stan Lee and more!


Episode 119- Busta Rhymes and The Deep Fried Geeks

November 2, 2018

Join The Geeks as they start their regular format talking about what they are watching on TV and The New Halloween movie and than get lost in the world Busta Rhymes..

Dont miss The Geeks they talk about Busta Rhymes island, H20 and petition Busta to join the podcast!


Presents- Movies With A Teen- Halloween 1978

October 31, 2018

Join MattMan and Larry as they celebrate Halloween by watching and reviewing a classic horror movie for the first time.

Happy Halloween and watch out for Mike Myers!



Episode 118- Sonic Tampons

October 18, 2018

Join The Geeks as they sit and drink some beers at thier favorite pub , The Celtic Ray

The Geeks talk about The new Doctor Who series,Teh Spiderman video game, Kevin Smith and Veggie grill, Sonic Tampon and Much more


Episode 117- Chowdah Canes Up Ya Butt

October 5, 2018

Join The Geeks as they Discuss Tampa Bay Megacon,Doctor Who, New netflix shows, Venom Movie, Flavored Candys, and Geek news

Prepare Yourself as The Geeks go off the rails with Horrible Northeast accents, Bad Bane impressions and drop lots of F bombs

This episode is Rated R for Strong language and Potty talk

Email us with your feedback, questions and suggestions at deepfriedgeeks@gmail.com


Episode 116- La Historia De Gordo Gringos and Papi’s Puppies

September 28, 2018

Join The Geeks as Tommy tells tales of His Carribean cruise and both Geeks have Spanish awakenings while Tom is gone.



Episode 115- Hi”larry”ious Shameless Plugs

September 21, 2018

Join Mattman and Larry as they talk about Listeners letters, Go fund me, Iron Fist season 2, Food and wine fest, Henry Cavill and much more.

Listen as Larry Judges Mattman on the below Go fund me account and much more



Episode 114- Moonwalking into My Heart

September 6, 2018

Join The Geeks as Mattman Tells Tommy 2 Stars tales of Micheal Jackson, Video games and love at first sight?

Will Tommy approve of this forbidden love or will Mattman be mocked an ridculed... tune in to find out!